Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Putting a Hit Out On Cupid's Punkass

Random self expression and venting....... I guess

Pretty sure that it will be me, myself and I for all that is eternity. Why is it that our supposed mate always lives within the same city or state that we reside. Out of billions and billions of people our match is right next door? I think not. I’m sure my perfect match is out wondering in the abyss somewhere thinking the exact same thing. We will never meet, my over whelming fear of taking long flights and having to use those tiny bathrooms will prevent all of this. That or maybe he was born decades before me and we missed one another. But that is ok; I enjoy myself and the companionship I provide. I am not in a rush to find love….everything happens for a reason and right now in my life I need to be single, and frankly I am loving it…..except for Vday.

Cupid’s punk ass tried another pitiful attempt recently. He struck me with that poisonous arrow and had me a bit lovestoned for a few weeks. But as we all know with me the illusion fades fast and the arrow disintegrates from lies and deception. Why is it so difficult for people to be open and honest in this day of age? There is no point to lie, good always prevails over evil and the truth is brought out and there you stand sad all alone…..

WTF is the point of Valentines Day? I mean really? One day dedicated to love? Why not 365 days a year? And why is it targeted as a romantic day? Why are the pathetic marketing attempts aimed towards couples? I love my family; why not try to reach your potential consumer with another disposition? One that anyone and everyone can relate to…. If I hear another jewelry, chocolate or flower radio ad or commercial I am going to fucking scream. Don’t they know its Power Gel, Bike Rides and Runs are the way to a girls’ heart. Don’t buy me a necklace, have an ice bath ready for me when I get home. Why is all this Vday crap so girl mushy? What about the guys wants and needs? I don’t hear ads celebrating Vday with porno, sports and beer. You know that’s what a guy really wants. Who works for these marketing companies? You’re all fucking fired…… There may be a part two to this little tangent….

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