Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hungry, hungry hippo

I've been a hungry, hungry hippo all day! Appetite is insatiable. 

Got ride of the gallon of urine this morning. OMG that was disgusting. Lab tech was impressed with my hydration level and "plump", ideal for pricking veins. Now I wait for test results, yet again. 

I've come to face the fact that I have an addiction
PB and caramel rice cakes. I've been eating these everyday, for way too long now. I think my heart is shellacked in PB :).  Not sure this is going to help my abs racing in my TYR bikini this weekend.

After properly fueled up on PB I joined my friends Sue and Chris for a bike ride. Sue said 45 miles of hills. The map she sent out had 3k of elevation gain. Not the 4k we ended up doing per Garmin. 3k or 4k. Tomato, Tomato same to me. I took the ride overall pretty easy with good effort expended on the hills. Here's the elevation profile. 

And here I am mid ride

This was a confidence building ride. My power and energy grew as the time passed. Endurance is coming around. At the end my muscles felt fatigued, as they should....but energy was still on point. :) Thank you malto!

Later my momma came over and made me dinner 

Baked salmon with garlic spinach - so that I can turn into Popeye over night. 
And the icing on the cake? These bad boys - 
Gluten free peanut butter cups! I LOVE my Momma!

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