Thursday, May 19, 2011

Half full

My official start of Spring is the day I can take Carnage out for a ride before work. That day was today. 5:59am and the sun was already up to great me. Well hello Morning Glory! The high for the day was supposed to be 70. The temperature when my ride started? Mind numbing 42 degrees. Agh! At least it wasn't raining!

From a core point of view I was dressed warm enough. Castelli's thermal tights, Zoot's thermal jersey and my Pearl Izumi windstopper baselayer kept me protected from Jack Frost. Who, by the way has over extended his welcome. Go the f*** home and while you're at it take that f***stick Mr. Rain with you. Ahem, let me gather my composure. I did not dress my extremities appropriately. I went with bootie covers but left my Little Hottie thermal adhesives at home. Big mistake. My hands and toes were frozen solid within 5 mins. I think my nose and ears fell off right around 143rd and Cornell. Oy! My only hope was the heat I would generate climbing up to Skyline.

Let me describe an unpleasant wake up call. Climbing up Skyline, big ring Z4/Z5...20 mins after climbing out of bed. My quads cried. I tried to reason with them, explaining the need for thermal heat. They responded as need and got the job done.

A pleasant wake up call (my glass is now half full) is the view from Skyline, the glaring fireball in the sky and a soundtrack composed of a rooster's cock-a-doodle-doo and birds chirping.

I finished my ride by climbing up to the cemetery and then descending along HWY 26 – bike path. Brrrr that was a long chilly descent!
It's nice to have 1600ft of climbing in 20 miles under the belt before 7am.

Skirt Sports was in town to throw down their fun run 5k dash. My outside rep extended an invite which I kindly accepted. After the morning suffer fest and week long build up I was not set up to “race” the dash. Nor had I any desire. The whole point was to run with friends and to be a little silly (Kat-like). I finished in 23:45 which included 25 push ups at mile 1. Right after the push ups was a .5-.75 mile straight up hill climb. Oh the humanity!

Post run I indulged in some vino and food with a good friend. Hello Kitty.
2 glasses of vino in and I was convinced to walk the Skirt Sport catwalk Fashion show. Oh what fun! How I managed to flash the crowd is beyond me. :) Today was a very good day!

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