Friday, May 13, 2011

I am a firework

I'm lively and animated. Volatile and outspoken. So much it could be viewed as a weakness. I could end up as THE grand finale or MY grand finale.

Or, one might view as a strength. To live with full heart. To feel the sharpest pain inflicted from a dull instrument. To experience love so strong that I can grow wings and fly. A firework of colorful passion.

I guess it's one of those glass half-full, half-empty perspectives. To feel and be able to experience such emotion I think is a blessing. Too many people walk around as zombies. 
Controlled by substance or by what other people might or might not think of them.

I'm working on skills to control this firework. How to allow myself to feel with full strength, yet hold back on acting upon emotion. It's kind of like training. Allow the heart to explode and drive motivation to train. Listening to the cues of my body to set my mind straight – backing off and resting (keeping to myself) when needed.

I'll still allow the occasional explosion the right time. (Like on raceday!)


krystyna47 said...

You have no idea how much this also defines me as well -- I FEEL so much, and so easily love or hate, not because I am quick to draw to conclusions and judge people/things, but because I just know what I want, who I would or would not get along with, etc. And I too have a problem of constantly being a bit too certain and obvious with my emotions when I should somehow reign it in.
I think it's a delicate balance between letting yourself be you (bright, emotional, outgoing) and taming yourself down (not stunning people with your emotions). Anyway...

Tribork said...

You rock Kat! I love reading your blog posts! You really put yourself out there with the truth! Great posts!