Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tidbits of the last couple days

Sunday - 45 min trail run along Wildwood with 2 badass friends.

Monday - AM 30 min recovery aqua run. THANK GOD these are becoming far and few between.

Monday - 10 mins of core strengthening.
PM Swim. I wore my camo shark swim cap to scare off Judy (instructor) and the aqua ladies. I wouldn't be so negative towards them if they actually used the time to workout, rather then socialize.

2700 yards
w/u - 10 x 50 (15r)

400 pull w/paddles
4 x 200 (20r) -z2, odd 25 do cu w/fist, even 25s reg
500 z2

c/d - 300p

I shared the pool with my favorite swimmer. Why is she my favorite? She always brings her Ipod with kick ass tunes. Love this woman!

Tuesday - AM Swim
I have to get up at 4:30 to start my swim by 5am. STUPID 24HR Fitness closes the pool from 6am-10am Tues and Fri to clean. Seriously? Why can they not clean at midnight? Or maybe after 7am or 8am when typical US Masters is done with? Because 24HR Fitness hates swimmers. I am sure of this.

1800 yards total

w/u - 200fr, 300p

12 x 50 (20r)- 3 sets of 4x50
each set=
1st- breath every stroke one side
2nd- breath every 3rd stroke
3rd- breath every 4th stroke
4th- breath every 5th stroke

400fr- every 4th 25 do fdrag
200k- 30sec easy, 30sec hard

c/d - 100p
I was tired and flip turned into the wall....not once but twice. These swims within 12hrs apart are challenging. The lack of sleep didn't help. Tried the new chocolate raspberry GU Roctane. Mmmmmm - it was delicious! Went home and laid down for an hour before I had to get back up for work.

Tuesday PM Bike - 90 mins of rolling hills. Challenging ride. Issues breathing and a sour tummy. Somehow I managed to pull out decent watts despite the oxygen restrictions.
Recovered getting sushified with my roommate.

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Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

You said: Recovered getting sushified with my roommate.


On Sunday I was so tired that I got in the shower with my running hat still on. Scott got a big kick out of it!

I have a team tri suit that I am wearing. It is KICK ASS. I promise to post a picture.