Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend Recap

I don't have a whole lot of time to write. So I'll just recap the parts that stood out.

Got in a 3.5 hr bike ride on Saturday, 60ish miles. The first and last 22-23mi were pretty flat and the middle 11-13 were rolling hills. Sue was kind enough to pull Alanna and I along. I've missed riding with these two. We compliment each other so well. 

Saturday night I went to the LLS Singled Out Date Auction. The event was a  singles auction to benefit Leukemia and Lymphoma. I got the chance to catch up with a LOT of really great people. 
My tall friend is gorgeous! 

After the auction my other friend Alanna drove us to the Hot Cake House on Powell. After one too many drinks (it doesn't take much!) and one too many hours of not eating, we were all ready to eat each other's arms. I knew better then to eat the toxic gluten pancake....but it taunted me. "Katie Eat Me". 
So I did :(

After a pathetic 6hr nap. I got up to start to the day. I was uber swollen and stiff from the pancake the night before. Damn you gluten! Went to the pool and worked out a 3200yd swim. 

Warm up
1 x 600yd F

Repeat 6 x
1 x 50 - 25 zipper/25 free, :10 rest
1 x 50 - 25 catch up 25/ free; 10 rest

Repeat 2 x
1 X 200
1 X 300 buoy
8 x 50yd Freestyle Swim (1 to 4 progressive, 5 to 8 progressive...), rest 0:20 / 50yd

Warm down
1 x 200 pull

That swim ended another 10k week. My speed is becoming more and more consistent at long distances. 
Came home and took a much needed hour and a half cat nap...or cat coma. God, it was good.

Late afternoon I hit up the beautiful Wildwood Trail for my long run of the week. 32 mins :)
The trail was muddy and beautiful. I'm oh-so thankful to be back!

I made this for dinner -
Bacon wrapped steak with truffle salt. Sauteed garlic portabella mushroom with parmesan and goat cheese and grilled onions. There was a huge spinach salad as well but that was to big to post :)

I stumbled upon this picture this evening. 
Me and my crazy friends (who I love). Silly pictures are the best. They have a way of bringing out all the good times.  

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Hahaha- love the Killer Pancake picture!