Sunday, August 8, 2010

Skirt Chaser

Mary Jane, Holly and Moi

Skirt Chaser 5k-
Goal "run easy"
Mission accomplished but much more difficult then one might think.
For instance it is REALLY hard to let a shit load of people pass by as I jogged happily along. The competitive side of holding back I think was the worst part. I really wanted to GO. My legs felt great! Thankfully I had my pride crushed long ago, so it wasn't that bad. There I ran....nice, easy and slow. My Garmin hasn't been able to pick up my HR for sometime now so I had to run off of PE. I talked casually to people and breathed through my nose. It was a pretty flat course - would have great for a PR. One short hill came along. I looked at it and thought "crap, I am not supposed to be doing hills yet." Then I remembered what I friend told me about running up hills and high knees. I felt like a toy soldier running up. I'm sure I looked uber weird....but when has that ever stopped me from anything? Got up it easily without stressing my calves. The start to this race was unique. The girls get a 3 minute lead on the boys. The boys were supposed to chase us down. The first dude passed me at mile 1. Oy! This totally made me want to sprint...but alas I stayed in my easy state. I could always tell when a dude was behind me as their breathing was really heavy. One guy passed me only to have me pass him a minute or two later. He was slouched over. I politely advised him to run tall, that it would make things easier. A nice "thanks" and onward he slouched. People are funny. Of course he sprinted past me at the end. Speaking of the finish.....I see the shoot coming up and I think "run fast." Then my coach comes into my head "you better not." So I jog in getting passed by the two HOT guys racing one another to the finish. They totally crushed my pathetic finish line photo. Oh well. Tal Es La Vida. Big ups to Skirt Sports for puting on a great, well run fun run. I finished with an easy peasy 8:15 avg. It's good to run again - w/out pain.
The lovely ladies at Skirt Sports finished the event with beer & wine (how did they know the key to my heart?) and a kick ass fashion show. I'm lovin' my Wondergirl Tank and Summer Breeze Skort.
Finished the night off with more wine and one big sausage! :)

Sunday came around and I pulled out a nice easy, mind numbingly 2k swim in the pool. Blah. I took this opportunity to daydream. In the afternoon I hit the Skyline for 2.5 hours of climbing. 2800ft in 40 miles. Managed to finish with mid Z2 power avg while my norm watts put me at high Z3. My quads are oh-so lovin me right now.

A pan of home made lasagna, two pans of manicotti, some red wine and fresh blackberries and ice cream ended the weekend well.

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cherelli said...

hey I like the concept of that event - fun. And the skirts rock. Good work on holding back, that is such a hard thing to do! Next year....maybe you can REALLY make those guys chase the skirt :)