Friday, August 6, 2010

All good things come to those that wait

Or so the saying goes.

I am impatient. I admit it.
I eat my soup when I know it is too damn hot and will scorch my tongue.
I am honest...IMO too honest. I need to learn when to bite my tongue. Yes, the same tongue I scorched on the soup.
I eat my "fruit at the bottom" yogurt without mixing it thoroughly. Resulting in half tang half frutosis. Yes I made the word "frutosis" up. Bittersweet some might say.
A moment happens and I think "seize the moment". What I should do is take that moment to think "is it really worthing seizing?"
The mind likes to play games. Can I win? Will I lose? What will happen in between?
There are things in life we desire.
The mind has away of building a moment out of that desire turning it in to a false reality. Perception is one's reality, right? Eh, a deceitful devil it can be.
What goes around comes around. Back to honesty.
Honesty can be sweet without sugar coated when patience is practiced.

Oy - I'm now dizzy.

I am healthy and itching (in the good way) to race and jump back in the game. BUT I know it is too soon. I will reflect back on the burns, the loses and the brute honesty that has taught me patience this year. Tomorrow I will have fun, be silly and accept my PW. As for the rest of life - I will stay humbled.


Coachhrd said...

LOVE your perspective on this post. Will share with my readers. Thanks!

Warrior said...

Hey nice to see you up and running again. I haven't taken the time to go through all the posts I am missed. I hope you are well. Love reading you, aspiring to your training. Hugs.