Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rockstar Baby

As of lately my tail end and I have not been getting along. One legged plate weight stability squats and weighted lunges are tearing my a** muscles a new one. Just tryin' to build more (eh....ok maybe just some) junk in the trunk. Buns of steel baby.

I am running again! 3-4 days a week, couple miles each day. I am running enough to sweat! Best of all I am running pain free! I'm as giddy as a school girl....and might just resemble one as I run by in my knee high compression socks and run skort.

TYR has just released a new style training Bikini - Rockstar Triangle Bikini.

My first impression was WHOA! It matches my bike! This little number is ity-bity and I was skeptical that it would "hold it all in". With TYR swimwear you should never fear. They always deliver the goods. Made out of durable DuraFast(poly) and rubber gage straps I swam with no restriction as opposed to a one-piece and what I like to call out as my circus freak long torso. Everything stayed in place, flip turn after flip turn after flip turn. I ended up modifying the upper back straps post swim. I don't think this suit was intended for use by anyone with any sort of cleavage. I'm not comfortable with swimming with exposed cleavage (who is?) so I cut the straps in the back and tied them together - so that all smashed down - NOW the suit is perfect for training.

You'll swim like rock star and you might even get some Rockstar attention! Uh, I did :)

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cherelli said...

cripes - nice suit but I'll leave you to wear it...I highly doubt any size would contain my butt-cheeks :)