Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Inside the mind of Kat

A slightly burnt cookie still taste good with a glass of milk. A microwave will fix a stale cookie in a flash. No one ever complains about the undercooked cookie. A little sweetness goes a long way.

It's the diamond in the rough that cuts the sharpest. Do you know your own strength?

The statue is getting glued back together. One day it will stand tall beaming with health and happiness. This time around I went with the spendy stuff - the extra strength super glue. Will it hold up? Only time will tell.

Life is like a never ending puzzle. Picking up new pieces day to day. Some pieces fit now and others will fit later in time. Some pieces I don't think ever fit. Who put them in the box?

What's the difference between you and me? We have a lot more in common then one might think.

Can I help my ab addiction? What is the cure? A 6-pack?

Watered down reflections are a weakness
Reflections from a shattered mirror are destructive
Riding/running by a window pane is empowering

I want to strong, bold and the taste of Kona Peaberry coffee brewing in the morning.

I understand life is not perfect. Why is it we can look at others and only wish we had what they have. Imperfections make perfection. I'm still working on fine tuning.

I'd like to take an elevator up to cloud 9. It's unfortunate clouds don't hold dense muscle.

I'm not one to follow horoscopes but I do believe in the characteristics of my zodiac sign. Jupiter owns me and I am fueled with fire. Standing tall on two legs my bow high is aimed high. Loud spoken and opinionated - putting some off while inspiring others. What am I?

In regards to discipline I've opted to go back to an old school approach. I visibly remember the distaste of having soap shoved in my mouth upon introduction of cursing. It lasted for hours. I've decided to write myself rules of engagement. When I break the rules I will have to pay with a bar of ivory. This will be a distasteful experiment. I'll keep you posted as to how it bubbles out.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste.....same as a good body or a good slice of cheesecake.

I don't wish to be judged I wish to be understood. Although I fear we are all misunderstood.

If I could dig though the sands of time of time I'd take back the innocence of not knowing. Through life trials and tribulations we live and learn. We have also built up an amount of resentment and fear of the future - at least I have.

And I leave you.....more than likely completely lost but not stranded,
Inside the mind of Kat


cherelli said...

Woah, deep stuff miss. I like most of those thoughts; I think we are like a "morphing puzzle" - growing and changing with time, adding and subtracting flaws and trying on new virtues. Looking at others can be a good thing as long as the differences you crave are applied constructively rather than simply looked on with envy.

I like the Jupiter line - very strong.

And Kona Peaberry coffee is where it's at hey? Ok, ok, I'll try and track it down now that coffee is again part of my repertoire....

As for the soap...blergh. I hope you don't have too many rules otherwise it might get so bad the bubbles might actually start tasting good - and then you'll have to find a new fear factor.

Um, where's the door outta here???

Future Iron Girl said...

You are wise beyond your years Kat. It's posts like these that remind me of my own struggles, strengths and goals and for that... I thank you.

ian said...

Kat, I love you. And I am glad youre back on the blog with some regularity. ;)

Kit Kat said...

Ian - you need to email me.