Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Intensity IE Passion

I've been a little disappointed in my lack of desire to write. I was pretty certain I had lost all creativity. My desire that lit the eternal flame had finally been put out. BUT then came intensity! I am healthy enough that my coach is adding back in Z3/Z4/Z5 intervals on the bike and swim. Several times last week and this week I felt my creative spark. My desire to write was ignited by burning muscular pain along my racing heat beat. Trigger points are somethin' else, eh?

Anywho...I hope to be around a little more often :)

Relationships - Have really got me thinking lately. You never know how long they'll will last. Some people walk in your life only to walk out minutes later. Some people stick around longer then they are welcomed for. On a night with a blue moon we'll encounter those that will last a life time. I speak of family members, friends, co-workers, mentors and our "partner in crime". I miss those that have left too soon. Those that have stuck around too long have taught valuable life lessons.
I'll sit and wish upon a shooting star to the blue moon...
I value all relationships that I've crossed upon. The good, the bad and the ugly.
I wish I could pause time but since I can't I'll be grateful for what I have when I have it.


cherelli said...

hey Kit Kat, glad to hear your allowed to do some satisfying workouts - nice work! As for the rest...a bit cryptic...but I hope your shooting star wish comes true :)

ian said...

i missed your blog. hopefully you are around a bit more. :)