Friday, September 10, 2010

What were they thinking?!

Let me start off by saying I am a HUGE fan of TYR. I have been wearing their 2pc training suits for going on 3 years now (some of which you may have seen via bike:)). I have been a satisfied customer/buyer/retailer. The new S'11 2pc line has my head spin and I completely question the thought process of their design team. Let me explain what I mean.....

Here are 2 suits to compare

The Rockstar Triangle Bikini

This suit retails for $47 and is categorized on TYR's website under "Training Suits"
It is constructed of highly durable long lasting Durafast Polyester and has rubber gauge straps. The back style is a thin X back.

Pop Rocks Reversible Bikini

This suit retails for for $78 and is categorized on TYR's website under "Reversible's" which makes me think more fashion than function.
It is constructed of Lycra....not as long lasting as Poly let alone the Durafast Poly. Backing style is the strong and supportive diamondback. The suit also has soft molded cups for shaping.

I feel I can give valid feedback and constructive criticism as I have trained in both of these style suits and am a long time customer/supporter of TYR.

The Rockstar price point is right on. They should have gone with the Lycra fabric as it is unlikely that anyone will use this style of suit to train in a pool with. You might be able to pull if it off if your an A/B cup but ladies that are C and bigger this is surely a No-No. The X back is nice and non-restrictive. The high gauge rubber straps could have been supportive enough to hold it all in IF they didn't make the triangles cups spaced so far out. Seriously WTF? If you were going to add molded cups for shape THIS would have been the suit to do it in. It would have also been nice to be able to order the top separate from the bottom. Not many girls are sized the same on the top and bottom.

The Pop Rock Reversible price point is high for a Lycra suit. Sure it's reversible but it's not going to last that long in chlorinated waters. This suit has a great supportive top. If they had ditched the molded padding (DRAG bonus!) and went with the Durafast Poly fabric it would have been one BAD ASS training suit.

Le sigh...I've said my peace. I'm going to have to buy a couple of S'10 Ringbacks to me through another year or training..

To end on a positive note - TYR has amazingly vivid colors beautiful prints for S'11. If you're a one piece kind of gal I highly suggest checking them out.

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n8 soul said...

seriously, i get it that quality costs money but really, 89 for a top here in cali and 98 dollars for the bottom. i honestly think i could bring product to market for the consumer at about half the current cost. what do you think? i will post a sample on my blog.