Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A bike commute...or two!

Ah yes, I have been a lazy Kat. Last year I commuted 100% of September for the annual Bike To Work Challenge. This year? Well two days a go I was at 0%. Um, I've been busy. That's a lame excuse. Really I haven't wanted to deal with the additional 30-40 min each way. It only takes an added 5-10 mins to pedal to work. The times loss goes to prepping (food planning) gearing up/down and showering. Juggling it with my multi-sport lifestyle starts to become a major PITA. Let's not leave out the fact that Portland rains 90% of the year (exaggeration) and it's cold. With my recent issues with coldness and the loss of feeling/pain experienced in my extremities I would rather not.

THEN my co-work sent me a bike commute challenge email. She asked me to bike just one day out of the month to work. In exchange she would ride one of our famous West Hills with me on the way home. The title of this challenge? RAWR! How could I say no?

Yesterday I got on Carnage and pedaled to work. Yes, I rode my TT to work. My TT is all I ride....or is it? ;) Anywho, the weather was fantastico and EVERY light was green! Either I lucked out or it was an omen I should bike commute to work more so than not. I have to say it was the first morning in a long time that I felt so alive. Number Five is alive! Oops, got side tracked.

One the way home I got my West Hill as promised. I huff and puffed up in my big ring as my kickass co-worker flew effortlessly up. I contemplated grabbing on to her wings...but she was just too fast :)
The ride home was beautiful....but I'll let you make that call for yourself.

I had such a great ride to and from work I decided to do it again today! Maybe a trend forming? Weather permitting I will tri to give it a little more effort.

PS- Let me end by saying that my company goes up and beyond to encourage bike commuting. We have showers, bike racks, open air lockers. We have a kitchen and my boss often brings in home made treats. She is an AMAZING baker/cook/chef! We also get a few additional incentives that will go without saying ;)

I just happen to be the lazy one out of the group


n8 soul said...

your boss rocks, ironically commuters in cars have missed the whole point of the sun setting behind trees, very nice :)

cherelli said...

I love your company. You are so lucky to have fallen into such a perfect - and health-encouraging - job.

Chad said...

Indeed you are lucky. I commute occasionally, and I ride at lunch more frequently. I have to stash clothes in my desk and wash myself in the men's room. YUCK.

cherelli said...

hello Kit-Kat, How are you? I hope everything is rocking along well - I miss reading what you're up to because you are a crazy driven girl! Welcome to Winter, hope you have a great season planned.

n8 soul said...

hey are you frozen ;) not seen any post

Anona said...

Katie, I searched "pumpkin ridge bike ride" in hopes of finding a map or something, and your blog was the first link to come up! I rode Pumpkin ridge yesterday and loved it!