Saturday, September 4, 2010

3 day weekend - Woohoo!

The weekend started off with a bang! A bang of pain that is. As soon as I got off of work I hit the gym for 30 minutes of upper body weight lifting follow up with a 40 min row. I had some nice Z4 intervals thrown into the row 20 minutes in. My rowing is based off of watts and I had no clue what my Z4 was. I know I can hold 120-130 comfortably for an hour. I figured I'd just go all out and see where I'd blow up/end up.
#1 - 175-180
#2 - 165-175
#3 - 160-175
#4 - 155-170
As you can see I blew up (BANG!) on #1. That s*** is hard and I don't have the muscular strength to hold those kind of watts. I think it's fair to shoot for 160w Z4 and try to grow from there.

Saturday I woke up stiff with moderate upper body and quad pain. I hoped on Carnage and hit the hills for a little over 3 hours. Big ring baby! Oh man the first hour was tough. Quads felt heavy and tired. The fatigue was short lived. A few hills and my pistons were broken in and pumping away like a Chevelle big block L78! Not even a nasty bee sting to the side of my face could phase my grind session. Climbing up Pumpkin Ridge Bambi and his mother ran in front of me. My first thought was what's for dinner? Kind of f***ed up, I know. It's also not a good thing to start thinking about meat 1 malto serving/an hour 30 in. Pumpkin Ridge has to be one of my favorite climbs. It's about 30-35 mins of steading climbing and the descent is gradual enough I can still push out watts coming down.
Side note: my bike reports could totally put one's mind in the gutter.
I've come realize I'm not a huge fan of riding by myself for over 2hrs. I can only talk/sing to myself for so long. I hit Germantown for the last bit of mileage/elevation work. The county is repainting the road and fumes are intoxicating. If I was my room mate I'd be floating on cloud nine - she's such a weirdo! :) The fumes went on for too long and soon I was riding high as a kite! My new found high made the last bit of riding fly by - literally.
I finished 49.5 miles in 3:07 w/ 3k of elevation gain....and some very tired pistons.

When I got home I made a pizza out of a savory oat (glutten free) Belgian style waffle

OMG it was sooooo good.

Pre ride I whipped up some home made sausage brown/rice/veggie gumbo

My room mate treated me to dinner with a BADASS Ribeye Steak!

The evening was nice and relaxing. Good food, a little wine and some R&R with my bloody Trigger Point.

Sunday I woke up in a world of hurt. Upper body was extremely painful. Most of it was localized to my forearms and chest which made me think it was a bad case of fibro vs. the training load I was under. I was not looking forward to my 3k swim, not at all. My momma was my saving grace by joining me in the pool. She poked fun of my fish fin swim cap and Nest Pro (spidy) goggles which brought a smile out of the pain. I just have to keep telling myself to HTFU - some days are worse than others.

As a thank you for picking up my lack luster motivation I treated her to breakfast - home made cinnamon oat (gluten free!) waffle with pb and maple syrup. Unfortunately no picture but they were delish!

My room mate surprised me with hideous tie dye

I swear she's really my mother's daughter. This will be the one and only time anyone will ever catch me in tie dye!

Next I met up with a friend for an LSD run - 7 miles.
This was going to be my longest run since April and I was scared. Each week for the last 2-3 weeks I've gotten a mile added to my long weekend run. I've been running since mid June we've just taken the mileage build up VERY conservative - which I am thankful for. The fear/risk of re-injury is still very great for me. I'm lucky to have the coach I do. Not sure if I'd listen to anyone else. I was also thankful to have a running buddy....even if I did drop him 5 miles in ;) A for effort!!! :D
Speaking of which......why is it I've dropped 3 dudes on the bike/run within the last 3 weeks. Come on fellas - you totally need to step up your game. How can you let a little blonde chick hand it to you? :p I kid, I kid.....kind of sort of :D
ANYWHO - All fun aside I had a great run with Aaron and we recovered with bomb ass brunch and bloody mary. When in Rome!

Then it was on to ladies night!

My very own home infused blackberry vodka. Delish I must say!

Jesse and Alanna being silly

Jesse and I - cheese!

Yea that's right - I licked a table. Sadly I wasn't even drunk at this point!

Ended the night off street dancin'!

And today?! I'm not even hung over! Another day of livin' the triathlete dream - swm/bike and food/fuel!


n8 soul said...

i can relate the 3dayers are tough, not sure which is harder on me the workouts or the hangover? all i know is tuesday was damn tough to answer the bell ;)

Kit Kat said...


I like the title of my link on your blogsite. It makes me :)

n8 soul said...

thanks, i like how you write, it's a kind of lens sort of