Sunday, September 26, 2010

Adventures at InterBike

Night one was low key. We checked into the condo and then headed over to Margaritaville for good food, good music and a GREAT Margarita! Hit 7-11 for basic grocery shopping needs ie cereal, eggs, milk. It was here that I was able to see the value in the Big Bite vs the 1/4 lb Big Bite....and no I didn't go there but found it amusing to take a picture.

In bed by 10pm as it was a work weeknight. Hehe....I have to be good one night. Susan and I got up early to run the strip. Close to 7 and the sun was already blazing. Legs felt good but HR was high. Damn heat!

Off to work! Got to love a job that encourages rockin' fitness apparel.

Our first appointment was with Ms. Sheila Moon. Super excited for her S'11 line. Prints are gorgeous and her fashion style is as MAD as a Hatter!

One of my favorite pieces was this compression tri suit by CEP. It's surely on my S'11 race line up.

In the afternoon there was a Bike N Ride Fashion Show - here's a few honorable mentions

One of my favorite dude outfit's - he was a cutie fo sho! lingerie? Not so sure about that.

Totally diggin' her argyle socks

He caught my eye again

Ms. Sheila Moon's Bo Peep Dress- I totally own this and have biked to work in it!

We finished up work and then Susan and I got "pinked up" for Gore's 25th Anniversary dinner. Here we are with the Gore model :)
Gore Bikewear has to be one of the best cycling apparel brands on the market. They are innovative, pay attention to detail, offer great cuts and product that will literally last a life time - Gore guarantees it. Much to celebrate in the last 25 years.

A few of us stayed out *ahem* a little too late...dancing and drinking the night away.

Photo time!

Ummmmm, another drink over here please

Uh oh...It's going to be a long night!

MJ Impersonator was rather decent

In bed by 2:30am....up at 6:30am for work! 4 hours of sleep is enough in Vegas, eh? I've said it before and I'll say it again - Coffee is an elixir of the Gods.

Wednesday was another day of shopping the show floor and vendor meetings.
Most of it was work shopping but I did take 5-10 mins for some personal shopping.....and ended up shipping this bad boy home. Merry f***ing early Christmas to me!

No it wasn't free but I did get a deal :).

Here are a few sweet cruisers that caught my eye. Thought they'd be great for recovery rides.

Pink Camo maybe the next TT.....

Maybe not. I can't foresee staying from my Felt. She brings the Carnage.

After 10-11 hours of work....4 hours of sleep....too much alcohol and a 5 hour energy later it was time to hit the hit the Strip yet again.
Lauren and I at The Plazzo fountain.

I think it's fair to say we like one another :) It was one year ago "IT" all started...and "IT'S" still going. Maybe we'll be like the Energizer bunny.

The night ended pretty early with great food/drinks as Sushi Samba and great friends Lauren, Mike and that special someone Robert.

A full night's worth of sleep and I was ready to knock the last day of Interbike outta the park!

I thought this Catlike TT helmet was fitting for a KitKat

Sugoi took us out to lunch. I was immediatly drawn to the friend chicken over waffles with maple pecan syrup. My tummy on the other hand was giving me a fair warning not to. Now I was in trouble. The table was daring me....even double dog daring me. I really wanted to do it but after several nights of drinking and not the healthiest options I knew it would be a very bad decision. I opted to go with the Ahi tuna salad. The president of Sugio decided to counter that with fried chicken and waffles for the table.

We all shared it and I have to say it was everything I dreamed of. Sooooooo good. My tummy and I made a compromise. I got my craving satisfied with a couple bites and saved my body from a sugar/fried induced food comatose.

Our team finished the convention off with a regroup. All three of us had split up for most of the show with a few shared meetings and lunches. This was a great plan as we got a s***load accomplished! A few new brands/products to bring in. Many show special discounts. And a very cool TE exclusive up on the horizon. Sure it looks like we partied hard.....but that couldn't have happened if we didn't lay the work smack down and work twice as hard.

I stayed an extra night with a special friend and I went out with a bang! When in Vegas......

I woke up to this bad boy for breakfast.

PS - On a side note. This is probably the FIRST time all year that I have taken 4 days off from swim, bike or run. I drank myself in alcoholic weight. I ate anything and everything that I desired. This lack of food control and missed training was over due and done completely guilt free. I recovered from Sin City with almost 12 hours of sleep in my own bed. I haven't slept this much since I was a kid. I stepped on the scale scared of what I might see. S*** you not I didn't gain an ounce! Suppose I danced and walked it all off. Goooo me! My body and mind is well rested. I'm looking forward to getting back to my training routine.....tomorrow :)


Chad said...

Awesome post! You have the best pictures.
Is that CatLike helmet gov't-approved in the US yet? I know that there other offerings weren't legal here.

Warrior said...

So digging the Vegas dress shot. Wow, your man is lucky ;-)