Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pain is only what you allow it to be

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I plopped back down and tried the other side. Damn! Both are bad sides. Today I hurt. My quads were sore. I didn't need the evil scale to tell me I packed on 2lbs over night as I was visibly swollen. My feet, ankles and hands made me think I was a distant cousin to a puffer fish. My joints ached and I felt bruised. This was not a good way to start the day. I kept telling myself that the pain wasn't real and that it would away soon.

I thought a good breakfast and an hour of pilates would turn my frown upside down. That was wishful thinking. Pilates did help loosen up the stiffness and made my muscles a bit more pliable. I was also able to crack almost every bone in my body, multiple times which felt really wrong but good at the same time. I took a dose of HTFU and went to the pool to get my swim on.

How in the hell I knocked out Z4 50s (16 to be exact!) during the main set was beyond me. Lack of oxygen numbed my mind I suppose. I'll take "One pain for another" Alex. Ooooo, it's a Daily Double! I recovered and stretched in the sauna nearly passing out. I was able to keep myself together until I made it which I melted into my bed for a short Kat nap.

A few hours later it was time to lace up for my LSD run. Thankfully I had Sue and Rufio to keep me company! Training with friends does wonders for the morale. The first mile felt a little awkward and tight. 2-3 miles in I found my comfortable zone and everything loosened up. The glass that I had drank 1/2 of was no long running on was (cheesy as it sounds) half full :) Thanks Sue! Another mile added to my longest run and I knocked out 8 miles at a cool, comfortable 8:40 pace.

I think I'm going to take another nap before bed...hoping to find the right side this time.


nrmrvrk said...

At least your shoes are nice and colorful.

I thought you were off of the Newtons though. Something about them being bad for your feet.

Kit Kat said...

The shoes are not what caused my injury. I was running in Brooks at that time. Anything is bad for your feet with over use.

The Newton trail shoes are less aggressive than their trainers thus not putting my additional stress on my calves yet still promoting mid-foot landing.