Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I should have played the lead role in this flick.

I have tried everything under the sun to manage this sleeping disorder. I'm not a fan of Western medicine or waking up feeling like a zombie. Prescribed drugs are not an option for me. Instead I have found a "routine" that works 80% of the time. Lol- 80/20 rule applies to everything. (I've been in retail too long). Sharing is caring if it helps others catch some missing zzzzz's.

First off I go to bed early. Early as in I'm in bed before the moon rises and the sunsets. So early that Mr. Ed is not yet on Nick at Night. Oh wait, times have changed haven't they? Nick at Night is probably playing Cheers and Night Court as "oldies" now. :le sigh: I'm getting old. Any who....I dated a guy that teased that his daughter went to bed before me. It's true. I admit it. Early to bed ensures early to rise so and that I can bust out a 5am workout. The early bird gets the Malto!

How does one get to sleep so early? Usually I'm physically exhausted from training and mentally exhausted from working. Falling a sleep is not so much the problem. It's staying asleep. This is where my good friend SleepyTime Tea comes in. 2 packets of Extra Strength Sleepy Time Tea is a must, as is a black out mask. Music is good as is the sound of a fan. Sometimes I will result to wearing ear plugs.

If I had a strenuous training day I have to deal with the plague of RLS. To combat that I need to spend an extra 10-15 mins per night Trigger Point rolling (this should be done everyday anyway). I rock compression to bed and my mom and doc convinced me to sleep with a bar or two of Ivory soap.

Now, let's say weekend arrives and I want to run the town until dawn with my girls. The next day I'm totally f***ed. Not only that day but the day after sucks as well. I can't make up lost sleep. I need to find a way to pause the clock so I can the dance night away or not.

The combination above works.....80/20. It seams like a lot but anything is better than being drugged IMHO.

Ugh on the visual-
Early to bed while rockin' compression, an eye mask, ear plugs and the strassburg sock (for the achillies issue) or what my friend Lauren likes to refer to as the jockstrap sock while sleeping on goose down (the only attractive thing in this series) with soap at my feet. Oh yes.....I'm going to be sleeping ALONE for a VERY long time....which is probably for the best with my RLS. I've heard that kicking your partner in bed is usually frowned upon, unless you're into that kinky weird s***. To each their own.

Tonight I will pray for some much needed zzzzzs's

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