Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kraziness I Say!

Saturday I rode my first century since.....Oct of last year. I was nervous going into it. I'd be riding with a bunch of girls that were in a "club" which I was not apart of and all were training for an IM this year. Then there was me.... a recovering gimp. This was the first ride my coach had invited me on (besides CdA). Even though I was highly intimidated I decided to join. To my surprise the century was easy peasy. Seriously. The pace was slow and there wasn't much climbing. I managed my nutrition and hydration well and never experienced highs or lows - just a nice steady state. My own insecurities made me feel out of pace. All the girls were welcoming and nice The ride was a breath of fresh air & boosted my confidence a tad. Confidence and I need a lot of work.

4th of July was a whirlwind! Kraziness to the 10th degree! Here is a brief recap

*64oz of Saki

in two plastic fish cups names Pete and Ralph.

Pete and Ralph toasted with a fish kiss which ended up spilling half a fish of saki all over me. I can officially say I became sakified. At this point we had a little one too many sips of saki and the group of us found ourselves falling over laughing at the little collision in the middle of a small neighborhood. This brought out several neighbors and a nearby kitten.

*Crashed a badass BBQ hosted by several chefs. Free food and more free alcohol. Hollar! It was a serious meat fest! I indulged in ribeye, pork loin, some kind of sausage (hmmmm) and I even tried a little stuffed lamb heart. Little Bo Peep was not pleased with this...nor was I. Lamb heart is not my cup o tea.

*Quote of the night - "Can I put meat in my pocket?" - Kat

*We thought the tree men statues were real

*Blues Festival had great tunes, good vino, tasty gumbo (more meat!) and some mighty fin eye candy....oh and fireworks too. Boom! Boom! Pow!

*I got my hands on a sparkler and instantly turned in to She-Ra Princess of Power. My sparkler power bite me in the tail and burned my feet!

*I took the last light rail home - alone. The train was packed. The whole time I was hit on by an albino she-male. I only tolerated it because her brother was hot.

* I got off the train one exit too soon - trying to escape molestation from the she-man. I don't realize I got off at the wrong stop until the train had pulled away. S***! It's 1am, I'm all alone and cold. Scared of the dark I decided to run home. Running doesn't work out well in flip flops so I ditched them and ran barefoot. Oy bare pavement hurts my feet! Then my coach beams in my head "No Running!". F***! So I walk. Couple minutes go by and I'm cold again....so I run. I ran/walk the 2 miles home. I can only imagine what the few cars thought that passed by. Luckily I made it to the front door safe and sound....without re-injuring my legs! My feet hurt like a mother****er thou, I think I stepped in some glass somewhere along the way. My bed became absolute bliss!

Recovery from the 4th was a nightmare. I was out it all day. The weights at the gym felt heavier than normal. Go figure. The pool actually felt refreshing. And the sauna did a great job at detoxifying.

Later that night I visited my friend Sue. She invited me over for dinner and was going to help me change my bike chain. As I pull up to the house the curb jumps out and takes a bite out of my tire! All of a sudden I hear a loud PHISSSSSSHHHHH. Oh Snap! Then my car decided to illuminate the low pressure light and beep - like I don't know my tire is flat?! Sue had already swum 3000k+, biked a century+ with an Godly amount of elevation and held a badass avg watts (serious props yo!) AND ran a couple of miles.....now she had to show me how to change my own tire! I felt so awful. Thankfully Sue has a great attitude and endless energy :) The tire change went by without a hitch and I learned something new.

Then she made a phenomenal dinner!

Steak, roasted potatoes and salad.
The chain got change with a few hiccups along the way. But in the end....the chain got changed.

A final summary incase I bored you from reading the whole story....

3 day weekend of some serious meat eating...all of which I did not have to cook!

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