Saturday, July 10, 2010

24hr Fitness Hates Swimmers

There! I said it!

First off the 24hr Fitness I go to (Tanasbourne - yes I will put you on blast) has the stupidest pool closure for cleaning times. 6am-10am 2 weekdays a week. These days float. It could be any day of the week. They post up Tues and Fri but I think that's subject to whenever the janitor feels like cleaning the pool. This works out great for a triathlete who tries to plan their weekly swim schedule. Note - sarcasm (since I couldn't find the font). They don't post the pool closure times online. Only on the side wall of the pool which happens to change from day to day. I've spoken to the manager and asked her if it was possible to change the cleaning times from 7-11 or 8-10. US Masters are usually held between 5-7am. If the gym wanted to attract any swimmers then they would not be closed during US Masters hours. This went in one ear and out the other. I have made three verbal complaints. I wrote a verbal complaint online today as well.

On to today -

I go to get my swim in this morning and was kicked out of the pool 800y in for non-posted aqua aerobics. A little annoyed I went on to do my heat training. I'm sitting in the sauna watching the aerobics class and started to get heated but not due to heat. Cardio bunny kicked me out of the pool and shut down 3 lanes for 3 people to do aqua aerobics! Grrrrr. I go ask the instructor if she could put a lane back up since her class was so small. No can do. WTF?! Totally annoyed I went back into the sauna and let off some steam. I continued to watch the aerobics class. I really don't understand people exercising in poor athletic suits/apparel. Don't they know what they're doing to their body? All three women were wearing suits that were too big for them. They started the class with a poor attempt at aqua running and then what looked like water jumping jacks. I felt sorry for their breasts. How could that be comfortable?

Later in the evening I went back and got my swim in. As I'm swimming my main set I notice a couple "frolicking" (this is put they were straight gettin' it on) at the end of the pool! Did they not know I could see out of my goggles?! Or did they just not care? Oy! The lack of respect. I did manage to pull out a badass 3k swim workout. After months or pulling with bands and weight lifting I showed signs of progression. This after my 1.5 mile run in the am and 2 1/4 hour bike in the afternoon. It's amazing what a pot of coffee and trail mix will do for ya.

I miss my swim buddy!

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Chad said...

Oh my god, I had the same stuff happened to me at LA Fitness in Phoenix. I swear you were describing my gym! I went to the manager and told him "you can't kick out 8 swimmers for 3 aqua-bouncers." He told me that the instructor has no authority to kick people out. That made me madder.