Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summa Summa Time

About freaking time! With a 2 month delay I had come to believe that summer decided to abandon the great NW. How we go from rainy craptastic 50/60s to radiating 90/100s within days is beyond me. But I am NOT complaining! I'm a gonna soak up the sun! Shine on me baby! Shine on me!

The temperature when I left for my evening ride reported a smokin' 98 degrees. Hmmmm, wonder if the heat training I'd been doing was going to help. I'd find out. My workout - an hour 20 of rolling hills with Z3/Z4 intervals.

I hit the open road and the heat hit me like a wall of bricks. I decided to tell myself that the heat was a figment of my imagination. In all seriousness this could be true. I often talk to animals on my rides and believe they talk back at me. When I descend I sing and I have my very own back up choir singing with me. It's pretty cool the places the imagination will take you.

The ride went by like a flash of lightening. Up down and round and round I went. I'm finally getting comfortable with corners and descending. Hip Hop Hooray! It was hot for the first 5 minutes but I quickly got used to it. The heat had completely escaped my mind...until I got to my car and noticed I looked like I had just been rained on. I was drenched in hot, sticky sweat. Ick!
When I got home and downloaded my power data I was happy to see my normalized avg was high zone 3 for the duration - and I was not even tired!

This was great prep ride for Kona next week!!!! Can't wait to ride the Queen K!

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