Monday, June 13, 2011

Red Bull gives me wings! Opa!

Saturday - 70 mile ride
This was a great ride for many reasons!
1. My bike didn't fall apart. I was scared of this; after learning that I had rusted every component with 3 years of salty sweat.
2. Nutrition was flawless. Mmmmm, cream of chicken maltodextrin. I'll probably swap it out for a cream of vegetable malto. I'm fearful of drinking an animal based mixture after exposed to the heat.
3. I increased avg watts per hour by hour, finishing strong.
4. I had great company and favorable weather!
5. My bike fit was very favorable. I was able to man-handle my baby girl
Ms. Hello Kitty and I recovered with a badass burger and cajun tots. 

I spent the evening with some lovely girlfriends at the Summer of Wishes – a benefit for Make a Wish Foundation.
I love this photo - tall, Taller and TALLER

We took off in the photo booth for some serious, silly fun!
Who knew Ms. Hello Kitty was really a viking! I can't explain transforming into Batman with fish lips. My room mate Jessy is always cheesy. 

I think we maybe trying to look glamourous here. Funny attempt if you ask me!

Ms. Hello Kitty and I decided to break it down on the dance floor, as if the ride didn't beat our legs up enough! Dancing in four inch heels is a painful good time. 

Sunday AM Run – 40 mins
After 3 glass of wine and one sugar free Vodka Red Bull (disclosure: anytime I switch to this drink I've already drank too much and now have poor judgement) I woke up a tad bit hung-over. Eh.....I was not especially looking forward to my run. 

But surprise, surprise! I had the best run I've had in well over a year. 40 mins easy, pace was full over a minute per mile faster then norm and my hr was 10-12bpm lower then usual at that pace. WTF?!  But on the real yo, I am NOT complaining. I grew wings and flew.

PM Swim - 3200yds
w/u - 8 x 75 (20r) - 50 drill, 25f
(rotate: fdrag, cu, fist, cu/fist)

400 pull - z2
200 kick

1 x 400 (20r) z2
1 x 300 (20r) z2
1 x 200 (20r) z2
1 x 100 (20r) z2
2 x 300 (30r) neg split

c/d - 150 choice, 300p

Um ok, this workout did not out as well as my run. I went from 10k weeks down to 7k and then 5k this week. My performance showed the lacking volume. It's time to grow some gills and spend more time in the water. On the positive, my slow, VERY easy pace is now what my comfortable used to be. So, you know what? Toot! Toot!

Later that night my momma introduced me to Ouzo
I have to say - I'm not typically a fan of black licorice, but I am a fan of Ouzo. Opa! I'm going to be the best, drunk triathlete out there! Life is too short to take seriously. 

Monday AM 
45 min spin - easy with a few pick ups
30 mins @ Z2
5 x ;30 Z4/Z5 @ 100-110 rpm; ;60 easy between

Monday PM
25 min easy run
AGAIN! Another kick ass run. Holy Moly. I feel like I'm running down a dream. The pieces to the puzzle are finally fitting together!

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