Friday, June 17, 2011

Ice, Ice baby

There was a common theme for my week – ice! No, I'm not injured. I'm just trying to do everything anything possible to stay healthy. This includes stretching for 5-15 mins 3- 4 a day. The time I spend
stretching and icing IMO should be counted as training, it's over an hour per day I say!

Tuesday AM – 75 min bike
Z2 steady – trainer. More reading! I recently bought a Kindle. I'm hoping this is easier to read on the trainer then a hard backed book. It should sit nicely on my new aerobars.

Tuesday PM
15 mins of core strengthening
Swim 3800yds

200 pull; 100 kick; 200 pull

12 x 50 - 25 catch up fist/25 free; 10 rest
2 x 200 buoy & paddles; 30 rest

Main Set
4 x 500 descending; 1 min rest
(8:11; 8:00;7:52; 7:49)
c/d 300 pull

Holy Moly! The 500s descending were a challenge!

To keep the workout lighthearted I leave with this question – If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do all the rest have to drown too?

Wednesday AM – No workout :)
Sleep in until 6:30am!

Wednesday PM – LSD trail run un
75 mins / 8.8 mi
This week's LSD run went a lot better then last week. Maybe it's because I had good company? I started out at a MUCH easier pace and was able to finish faster and stronger then I had started. This is my goal for all my long distance swim/bike/run workouts. Fuel belt worked better this time and I did not end up with a fat lip. I was able to get down one serving of malto. The concentration felt pretty good. Although, I'm not fond of the sweetness from my sugar free Hawaiian Punch. I'm going to try a vegetable broth base for the run as well. Hmmmm, or maybe a salty chocolate? I figure that I'll need something different for the bike and run.
I think my running mate my have previously been a part of Cirque Du Soleil. How he managed to fully change clothes, while driving a huge truck (I could make a bad joke but I'll refrain :)), while following my speed demon tail is beyond me. Kudos to you Aaron, and thanks for the run company. Next time lets work on your pacing ;) The longest you'll ever need to last is 90 mins! LMAO!
Post run we met up with my roomie and got sushified!

Thursday AM
10 mins of core strengthening
Swim - 2400yds
w/u 200p , 100k (:20 hard/:20 easy) 200f
Main Set
6 x 150 (20r) - desc 1-3, repeat ---
6 x 100 pull (15r) - desc 1-3, repeat ---
6 x 50 (10r) - desc 1-3, repeat ---
c/d – 100

OMG this was hard! I am NOT a fan of swimming fast first thing in the morning.
I spent the afternoon with my lats pressed against the chair holding up an ice pack.

Thursday PM - Bike 90 mins - tempo
35 mins @ Z2
2 x 10 min Z4 with 10 min easy spin between
Finish mid Z2

Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something that is bigger and better than your current situation.”

I thought about this quote on tempo #2. My quads were not shy in voicing their unpleasantness with this tempo. I was able to drown out their whining with gratitude. Cheesy as it may sound (thinking of you Jesse!), I gazed off into the sunset and reflected on the last year and a half. There were so MANY times that I was not healthy enough to have this type of workout. For that, I am grateful for every muscular pain and cardiovascular push, in the present and near future. The saying “You don't know what you have until it's gone” is so true. I ended tired and sore with a full heart and a big grin.

I capped the night off with ice on my quads, feet (very briefly and not submerged!) and calves. Come to think of it, I iced most of my body today.

Happy Friday! AM Run
10 min warm up run
15 mins of drills
4 x 20 ass kickers
4 x 20 high knees
4 x 20 donkey kicks
4 x 20 jumping in placed followed by leaning forward/backward running for body position feel
4 20 high knee skips
10 min of stretching
25 min easy-peasy run around Nike bark chip trail with Ms. Hello Kitty.
It is the middle of June, for God's sake we should not still be freezing! Brrrrr!

PM – 10 mins of core strengthening
Swim - 2900yds

w/u - 300p, 200k

12 x 50
3 sets of 4 x 50 (25r)- desc 1-4 (1min rest between each set)

1 x 200 pull with paddles

3 x 500 (30r) - z2 easy, every 4th 25 do fist drill
c/d - 100k easy

There's another productive week to hold up a toast to!

PS - On a personal note.... I've decided once a week to dedicate “ME TIME”. It will be an hour or so to reflect back on the week. The objective is to find one or two things that I was not pleased with. Then focus on correcting it in future. By reviewing this weekly I should make continuous progression.
~Life is like riding a bicycle, in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.~

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ironwill said...

Wow...awesome to see your still posting, and killin' it with the workouts. Hope the "ME DAY" rocked!!