Monday, May 17, 2010

Proof I'm still alive

I've received a few thoughtful emails from those near and dear and those that are random strangers that occasionally follow my blog and care. Thank you much as it means a lot to me. I still haven't found my love to write but I figured I'm post a few pictures happy pictures to show that the light is shinning down the dark tunnel.

Girls night out and I'm trying to rock my boot

I can bike - easy

My pimped out boot

Take two

I re-found my love for oil pastel painting

My mom rockin her well deserved SuperMOM socks

Moi devouring a hot freshly baked chocolate chip cookie

My first open water swim on the season - went very well!

One of my evil achillies - one day I will have strength again

Tryi'ing to get out and enjoy the world

It's amazing what the love of an animal can do


ian said...

ha. glad to see you posted a blog. i was getting sad without one ;).

Anonymous said...

i too have been battling achilles pain. I have tried everything - inactivity, stretching, night splint, icing, physical therapy (ultrasound, etc). It is getting a little better but still hurts to run. I totally feel your pain and frustration as i have been battling this off and on for about a year. I am really interested in knowing what you are doing to treat the injury and if it is working.

Kit Kat said...

I got cortisone (very risky and last resort as there is a high risk of rupturing the achillies) in each leg, multiple times. I'm getting PT done where they are re-injuring/reconstructing the degenerated tendon with Graston. I haven't ran in a little over 4 weeks. I have no clue if any of this is working. I still have a couple of recovery before I can attempt to run again.